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A Chronicle of Saint Ann’s

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In 1567 Sebastian Händl was referred to in a tax register book as being the owner of the grounds and buildings. Maybe he was the builder himself.

In 1626 Händl, who was at that time town judge in Steyr, emigrated to Hungary due to his Protestantism.

In 1638 the community of Steyr sold the property to Martin Ernst Pflautz. Mr. Plautz was a wealthy merchant and burgher of Steyr. From then on the main building in Sierninger Straße was called „Plautzenhof“.

In 1613 Mathias Plautz, prelate at Seitenstetten, and his brothers received the knighthood from the Emperor.

In 1656 the „Plautzenhof“ was handed on to the Earl of Tättenbach.

In 1679 countless lives were lost everywhere due to the plague. The town community bought the „Plautzenhof“ to convert it into a hospital for the victims of the plague. Constructor Mister Reuß bought the fields which went along with the property.

In 1754 town judge Großrucker requested permission to add a chapel house to the „Plautzenhof“ hospital in honor of St. Ann.

In 1755 Architect Hayberger built the chapel. Mr. Hayberger was also the plan-maker for the town hall in Steyr. A formal request to erect a small house next to St. Ann’s Chapel to accommodate priests was brought before the Bishop of Passau. This is how the „Plautzenhof“ (a priest’s house) came to be built.

In 1844 Emperor Ferdinand was formally requested to permit nuns of the „Barmherzige Schwestern-Orden“ (Order of the Charitable Sisters) to move here from Vienna to care for the sick.

In 1848 St. Ann’s hospital was renovated and enlarged.

In 1849 the „new hospital“ at St. Ann’s was consecrated and six nuns of the Order of the Charitable Sisters moved in.

In 1860 head of hospital, Karl Aigner, planned an orphanage. Its foundation was laid by Bishop Rudigier on June 9th of the same year.

The orphanage for girls was consecrated and opened for use on September 24th, 1861.

In 1874 the orphanage was enlarged and opened also for boys.

In 1878 the first private school, consisting of one class only, was installed.

In 1881 the school was granted public rights.

In 1885 the orphanage was enlarged for the second time.

In 1886 the school had grown to house two classes.

In 1919 electric lighting was installed in the rooms of St. Ann’s.

In 1920 a new school building was constructed in Sierninger Straße. From then on the school had three classes.

In 1925 the „Bürgerschule“ was opened. It was a fully licensed school for the general public.

In 1928 the „Bürgerschule“ was reorganized to become a „Hauptschule“ (237 pupils!)

In 1930 the hospital of St. Ann’s was taken over by the state.

In 1934 the political confusions of that time did not spare St. Ann’s.

In 1936 the Order of the Charitable Sisters purchased the hospital. A new school building came to replace the old „Joachymshaus“.

In 1938 Hitler invaded Austria.

In June all private schools lost their licences and came to be officially dissolved on September 7th.

In 1939 the school was turned into a military hospital. The red cross nurses were accommodated in the orphanage.

In 1941 three bells were removed and taken away.

In 1944 bomb attacks began.

From 1945 to 1955 Steyr was occupied by American (west of the river Enns) and Russian (east of the river Enns) troops.

In August 1945 fifty Silesien refugee children come to St. Ann’s after the primary school there had been re-opened.

In 1946 the „Hauptschule“ (secondary modern school; kind of high school) began to educate children.

In 1947 there were 174 pupils.

In 1961 the new bells and organ were consecrated in St. Ann’s on May 14th.

In 1962 land was leased from the „Steyrer Werke“, our big truck manufacturer, to be used as playground.

This land was bought in 1963 and a new playground laid out.

In 1973 the „Zweiter Klassenzug“ (classes for the less intelligent) was introduced.

In 1976/77 the playground was turned into a proper sports field.

In 1977 an addition to the school house was planned to be built. On November 15th the old stables were torn down.

In 1979 the construction plan (by architect Karl from Wels) was approved in March and construction work began in August.

In 1980 the construction work had progressed to the roof and on November 4th holy mass was said in gratitude.

On November 4th, 1981, governour of Upper Austria, Mr. Josef Ratzenböck, officially opened the new school building.

2008/09: General redevelopment of the whole school building – the school year 2008/09 was completely organised in a village of mobile homes (containers) in front of the old school building.


This overview (till 1981) was compiled by Sister Ruperta Fischer, who is the former headmistress of the two schools at St. Ann’s.