Schulanfang 2018/19:
Mo, 10. Sep. 2018

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Sportliche Aktivwoche mit bilingualem Hintergrund (3 b/3 c)

Nach einer gelungenen Projektwoche der 3 b und 3 c vom 9. bis 13. April 2018 in Altenmarkt/Pongau verfassten die Schülerinnen und Schüler im Englischunterricht Tagebucheinträge:

On Monday we went to Altenmarkt by coach and we were really excited! In the afternoon we had our first English lesson with the native speakers. They were very friendly and the lessons were never boring.

Tuesday was the best day, because we walked to Radstadt together with Brian, Amber and our three teachers. In Radstadt we had to take pictures and back at our hotel we created a three-picture-story. – It was great fun.

On Wednesday we went to the thermal bath – lots of fun and water slides!

Thursday was also an amazing day, because we developed our own film and a company. But the absolute highlight was the DISCO on our last evening – we felt on top of the world.

We all loved this wonderful week. We had a great time and we’re looking forward to our next project week.

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